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D'Lashay Speaks: The Full Story

D’Lashay is a self-appointed advocate for the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological uprising of the African American community. She is a woman who speaks empowerment and uplifting words through television, radio, speaking engagements & literature in an effort to change people heart and mind about their current situation. 


D'Lashay has worked on several production projects including film, television drama series, television promotional commercials for advertising, marketing model for major companies, and music video. Many of these companies have included but not limited to "Nashville" television series on ABC, "Checker Cab" modeling promotions, "Fruit Cake" movie for Aubrey Films, "Crazy Hearts" with A & E cable television, Rick Lee Media of Huntsville, and Alabama. D'Lashay hosted her very own talk show called Steppin' Out with D'Lashay

In 2018, D’Lashay, founded the Curtis Goodwin College Care Pantry, a non-profit organization to support and assist college students with combatting hunger and disparity on college campuses. She was inspired by the many years of work and effort of her late pastor, Curtis Walter Goodwin. With launching the Curtis Goodwin College Care Pantry, she has been able to assist thousands of college students in the state of Tennessee on many college campuses.

In 2020, with a new decade vastly approaching, D’Lashay was inspired by the importance of grasping onto your goals and dreams and the ability to realign your focus. With this as her focal point she started the D’Lashay Speaks Vision Board Party. The Vision Board Party was an instant hit and a sell out in the city of Nashville. The event draws an audience from all across the United States and popular amongst people of all ages, cultures, creeds and religious backgrounds.

D’Lashay's motto: You can't hang with chickens & expect to soar like the eagles because chicken can't fly! An eagle recognizes her ability, and she is not afraid to spread her wings, fly high and not fearful of being alone. An eagle will never cluck around with chickens whose wings are useless and will not fly.

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